Grief & Loss

Loss is an inevitable part of life. Yet our culture seems to support “getting over ” painful experiences rather than allowing oneself to grieve and process difficult feelings.  

These attitudes that prompt us to hide our feelings, in reality keep us unconsciously stuck. Facing the loss and allowing the feelings to surface makes it possible to authentically move on.

When the loss is NOT acknowledged (feelings and thoughts are repressed rather than consciously processed), the grief experience becomes disowned and people get stuck in their loss, which may result in depression and anxiety.

However there is a path toward healing through one’s loss. Many support groups, therapy options and resources are available to help individuals and families move through grief to a place of resolution and peace. See the below for a list of resources and support services to help you or a loved one grieve well. You may also contact Magda., to discuss your questions or set up an appointment.

To find out if individual counseling is the right step for you, please call 408-354-7772 or contact me for a free, brief consultation. I look forward to speaking with you.

Grief Support Site

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