Trauma Recovery

Trauma, if not addressed, worsens in time and manifests itself in various ways at different stages of life often resulting in chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorders symptoms.
The recovery from trauma cannot happen in a vacuum. It needs a context of a relationship or community.
Stages of trauma recovery work in the group or individual setting:
  1. Creating safe environment: building a trusting relationship with the therapist and/or group.
  2. Setting the stage: who were you before the traumatic event, what was happening in your life, what were your plans, goals, fears, hopes.
  3. Telling the story: narrative of the traumatic event, healing power of sharing the experience, having a witness, creating a survivor’s mindset: “I survived and I am here to tell my story.”
  4. Processing the feelings: re-experiencing the event in a safe and supportive environment, becoming one’s own witness, deconstructing the meaning of the event.
  5. Integrating the trauma: reframing, finding a new meaning, creating a new identity, accepting, moving on.

Magda also offers EMDR as a trauma recovery technique.

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